Heritage of the Starwind and Spindrift Boats


Chysler Mutineer and Buccaneer

Chysler entered the sailboat market in the early 1970's. The Buccaneer was introduced in those early years. R. M. Downie was the designer. There are conflicting dates as to exactly when the first production model was made.

The 15 foot Mutineer made it's appearence on the sailing scene in the late '70's. Both boats had and still do have an active following of One Design Class racing at many local yacht clubs.

Chysler 22

This hull is the Herreshoff designed swing keel boat which along with the Catalina 22 began the trailer cruising for America. The 22 appeared at about the same time as the Mutineer.

Chysler Closing of the Marine Division

At the end of the 1970's, beginning of the 1980's, Lee Iocaaca sold the Marine Division. The day sailer - one design boats seem to have gone to Texas Maine International for a short time. Where the 22 went is not clear.


While Chrylser was entering the sailing market in the 1970's, the Spindrift One Design history was already long, going back to the late 1950's. At some point in the mid 1970's those classic One Design boats came to Rebel Industries and over the early 1980's other pocket cruisers were acquired. Again Jim Taylor was asked to design a modern cruiser. This time the Sprindrift 19 and 22.


When Wellcraft bought the sailboats in the early 1980's, they moved into the sailing side of the boating industry. With the foundation of the Chrylser boats, Wellcraft wanted to fill out the line. They went to Jim Taylor of Marblehead, MA, who designed the 19 and 27.

Getting Back to Basics

When Wellcraft decided, in 1985, to go back to their basic industry, power boats, the sailboat molds were sold to Rebel Industries. Rebel had been building boats since the early 1950's, and now wanted to expand their line to larger boats.

Rebel Moves On

The Sprindrift 24 was designed by Charles E. Morgan in 1984. Some time in 1985, Rebel Industries sold the Buccaneer and Mutineer to Gloucester Yacht. Rebel Industries continued to consolidated production to the cruiser market with the transfer of the Rebel to the National Rebel Class.

Then around 1987 the Buccaneer is again sold, this time to the Buccaneer Class Association. Just where the Mutineer went is not clear. Also at this 1987 time frame, the Starwind 253 was introduced. But only to be short lived due to the down turn in the boat industry of that year. Then Rebel Industries closed its doors.

The Starwind/Sprindrift Class Association

The Class Association was started in early 1984 by LeRoy Dana and National Starwind/Spindrift Class Assocation, in response to a letter from Wellcraft about interest in a Class Association. It started out as a group of Starwind 19 owners and then expanded to include the Spindrift 19 owners. Soon after that time the word Nineteen was dropped from the name to include all of the boats.

The next major change came when the boats were no longer in production and perspective buyers and new owners were calling for any information. The Association had been listed with the major Boating Publications and as the Internet grew those publications posted the Assocation information on the Web. With more and more inquiries coming from sources "off the net", it was time to move to the net in ernest. "starwinds.com%quot; was posted as a means to continue the exchange of information on these boats.

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