What is NEW... or Changed

In an attempt to Update the site, a few things have been added or moved. The site is still done in the Crew's spare time as many of you know. But there are some Changes which may be very welcome. This page is an attempt to keep you informed.....

  1. Starwind/Spindrift Forum, Marina Forum, is now operational, if only on a limited basis. For old time BBS users, you will recognize the conference mode, which the new people call forums. This software is much better than some of the DOS and CP/M of those days. You will find it here....Enjoy
  2. Included in the Marina is a Forum for listing boats and gear, both for sale and want to buy, rather than having to email the Crew here at the Main Web Site.
  3. Also the Forum will allow you to use Avatars, which are nothing more than small GIF and JPG files, so you can ADD small pictures (98x98 pixels) and are encouraged do so, of your boat, yourself, your crew, places you sail. Use any graphics editor to create the file but keep the pixels under the 98 number and save it as a JPG or GIF.
  4. More brochure graphics have been added to the 27, 19, 15, and 13.5 pages
  5. The start of a  Picture  Gallery is being developed. Right now there are Equipment and Rigging Pictures and some pictures from the Wellcraft Factory visit in 1983.
  6. A more detailed Link page is also available with related Boats and Services.
  7. The Early Starwind/Spindrift Pages are still here

Manuals and Brochures available...

  1. Patrick Hollingsworth has supplied some Starwind 223 Information which is available for download. The files are Starwind 223 Brochure and Starwind Instructions 223.
  2. Rick has supplied some Spindrift 24 Information and Manual which is available for download. The Spindrift Sail Information is a very nice discussion about sail trim and care. Even if you don't have a Spindrift or a Big Boat, the sail trim is worth reading. The files are Spindrift 24 Manual and Spindrift Sails.
  3. Mike Pope has supplied the 1983 Starwind Brochure. This is the one which included ALL the boats. There is no picture of the 27 because the boat was just coming into production.
  4. The Newsletters are slowly being scanned to PDF format and added to the files available for download. There is a brief description for each volumn included. Possibly they are a bit large.
  5. The Starwind Nineteen Rigging  Manual.  is now available on line for download. It is in PDF format. The file is stw19manual-inet.

The links will describe the files and take you to the Download File page.
Just click on the file name to start the download.

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