M ail - L ist

W ork has progressed on a Mail List (List Serve) where the membership can discuss the boats.

At this time, there are three areas. The first area is General Boating, Sailing, or anything that would be of interest to both Starwind and Spindrift owners or sailors. The other two areas are for the specific two boats brands.

At this point, there is no list for the Chryslers but if there were enough interest one could be added.

To use the Mail List, send an email to the address of the List you wish to join. The three addresses are listed below. Make the subject of the email "ListName-subscribe@starwinds.com". To Leave the list, make the subject of the email "ListName-unsubscribe@starwinds.com" You can also go to theContact page and use the link located there.

This will add your email address to the distribution list. You will receive a confirming email to be sure you want to receive the mail. Follow the instructions and send reply back to be added to the list. Your subscription will be acknowledged with a Welcome Email containing information on the system. Then just address your email to the list, type the question in the subject line and sent the email to the list. It will then be sent to everyone on the list.

boats-subscribe@starwinds.com (Basic Questions about Sailing - The How of Something) - What is Thought of Something (experience with equipment or lack of experience) - Where good sailing is found (Marina - Lakes - Whatever)

or ClickHere

spindrifts-subscribe@starwinds.com (Questions that apply to Spindrift Boats only - Equipment - Design - Additions)

or ClickHere

starwinds-subscribe@starwinds.com (Questions that apply to Starwind Boats only- Equipment - Design - Additions)

or ClickHere

At this time, these lists will have few subscribers since this is not an "indexed" page and you much come from the Starwind/Spindrift page.

Keep in mind the subject of the lists are The Boats...General or Specific....

The usual rules of Netiquette apply. Stay on subject. This is not a Moderated List (someone reading the postings before they are sent to the members). Do not use the Cap Lock key unless you really want to Shout (and only do that after careful thought)!! Remember, everyone has their view and it is based in their experiences, both on the water and off. Some members are new to the boats, and some have had "The Boat" from Day One. Most of all there is "No such thing as a Dumb Question."

If you are unsure of Netiquette, a very basic information site can be foundhereOr you can search on Google.com for more detailed information

Enjoy ... The Starwind Crew

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