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Thank You to everyone below for these additions to the Information about the Boats. The Spindrift information is very very WELCOME since the Association (my) files about them were rather limited to say the least. As more information is added it will be listed here. Please check back regularly, or check the download page. Again Thank You Very Much.

Patrick Hollingsworth
has supplied some Starwind 223 Information.

  • The Rigging Manual for the 223 - file name Starwind Instructions223.pdf
  • The Starwind 223 Sales Brochure - the fold out one.
  • The one page Starwind Sales Brochure.

Rick Adams
has supplied some Spindrift 24 Information.

  • Sea Trials from Small Boat Journal for the Spindrift 19
  • He contacted Boating World, the current owners and arranged for the use of the articles.

Mike Post

  • Sent the 1983 Starwind Brochure SenReq-Starwind in a PDF file.

Kathryn Heller

  • Sent the Spindrift 22 Brochure and Logo located on the page.

Ron Anderson

  • Sent the picture of the Spindrift 22 on the page.

The Newsletters available at this time are also in this download directory. A brief description is on the Newsletter page.

These back newsletters give you some ideas for topics on the Forum. Remember the forum is for all the Boats while the Newsletters were general to the Nineteen. BUT, the trailering can apply to the other trailered boats. Everything is relative to scale of the boat.

If you have literature that would be of help and interest to the Boat Owners, PLEASE, put it in an Adobe Acrobat file (Optimized for the Internet) and attach it to an email with your name.

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