Sites Which May Be of Interest

Below are listed some web sites which may or may not be of interest to Starwind and Spindrift Owners. if you find a link does not connect to the page please tell the Crew, so it can be removed or corrected. If you have a link of interest, also please tell us. These are in no special order...

  1. Jim Taylor's Web Site
  2. PHRF-NB Ratings List  2001. This may be old...
  3. DaySailor Home  Page   Rick one of our Spindrift owners sent along this Rebel  Industries  page
  4. Bacon and Associates, Inc. is a "Old Line" (since 1943) Annapolis company. They carry used Starwind sails (sails which are very close to the Starwind measurements) Here is the data page   They also have a "Large" used consignment equipment showroom
  5. Chrysler Historical Information  Page   has some good background
  6. The Salty Sea Pup - A New Sailors Log - One of the Nineteen Owners has a  Blog
  7. The Mutineer One Design Class  Page
  8. There is a Starwind Forum over on  Yahoo  It is not known if it can be read off line.
  9. The Buccaneer One Design Class Page
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