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Help for the Boats This page contains answers to common questions asked over the years, along with some tips and tricks that have been found useful and presented here as questions Note: Other questions will be added as they are presented.

Where do I find parts for the Boats?

The bulk of the parts are stock marine equipment. Harken Blocks, Schaffer Hardware, Nico Fico Hardware. Because some of the parts are now out of production, there may need to be substitutions in the hardware. The only custom items seem to be the aluminum rudder castings. The fiberglass hulls, decks, and cabin fiberglass. The bow sprits and stern rails will be custom. If you need to replace the rails, any good marine shop should be able to replace it.

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Have any of the Boat had "Blisters"?

Most blistering seems to be a result of "trash" in the molds at layup or poor layup (interruption of the process possibly). As to the bigger boats it is not know if any have had blisters. Only one Nineteen is know to have had blister. It was an area of about the size of a sheet of paper. Keep in mind blisters are more a cosmetic problem. If they are very large they may require more repair then the small ones. Because most of these boats are dry-sailed there is less of a problem then with a boat which is in the water year around.

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What sails have been added to the Boats?

The boats came from the factory with a stock working jib and main. The working jib was a 110% of the fore triangle. Some boats may have also come with the factory option of a 150% genoa sail. As the owners sailed the boat other sails may have been added, such as spinnakers and storm jibs. Most sail configurations will be a result of the sailing condition the owner experienced.

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Where are boats available For Sale?

Most boats will be listed locally. Also they can be found in the National Newspaper for boating - Soundings. Soundings can be found in most of the major bookstores. If an email is sent to The Assocaiton, the boat will belistedhere for free on the ForSalepage. Also from this page is a link to YachtWorld which is a large listing of Brokage boats around the world.

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How to step the mast single handed?

It is very simple. Lay all the shrouds so they can be foul. Keep the back stay in the cockpit and clear of the tiller. Use the main sheet and jib halyard to make a "temporary" fore stay until you get the fore stay attached at the bow. I use a mast crutch at the stern rail to have the mast at a good location to do the lifting. I stand on the cabin roof and lift the mast to my shoulder. I then continue the lift to the upright position. The main sheet is then taken up to hold the mast.

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How many boats were produced?

There are about 600 19's. Maybe 900 to 1200 22's, including the 223. Maybe 4 or 5 24's but I have no number there. As to 27's I do not have a good number.... Possibility 300 to 500. These numbers are based on known production at the December, 1983 factory visit and carried over the life of production. As to the Spindrift production I have less information..

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Where were the Dealers located?

In the mid 1980's, there were very active dealers in TX, NJ, OH/KY, and Fl. Now you will find the boats all over. But you will still find a higher concentration in these areas.

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Are Manuals available for the boats?

There were no manuals supplied with the boat. The 27's came with OEM manuals from the engine manufacturer and optional equipment OEM like heads etc. But as to a rigging manual there was none.

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