Contacts for the Starwind Boats and Sprindrift Boats


At this time (Dec. 2004), there seems to be problems attaching graphics to messages. Hopefully at some point, there will be a means to post pictures of boats. Your novice webmaster is learning.

Plese just include TEXT.

Also there have been some problems with replying to your questions. Several have " Bounced Back." lately. If you do not hear from someone in a resonalble lenght of time

In hopes of solving those problems and giving you more options to talk with other owners, the following specific contacts are detailed here.

If you wish to contact

Membership Membership ---
Open to any Interested Sailor - Owner or Non-Owner
Help from the Crew Crew
Specific Boat Questions - But will also join the respective Mail Lists. They are listed below. Those members may have first hand knowledge The Crew does not. Remember - The Crew only knows a limited amount about some of the boats.
Comments Comments Ideas for the Site - Questions about the Site - Problems with pages or functions.

The Mail Lists:

Lists Available At this Time are listed Below To Join To Be Removed
Boats (Basic or General Questions about Sailing - The How of Something) - What is Thought of Something (eperience with equipment or lack of experience) - Where good sailing is found (Marina - Lakes - Whatever) Join Remove
Spindrift Boats (Questions that apply to Spindrift Boats only - Equipment - Design - Additions - Problems) Join Remove
Starwind Boats (Questions that apply to Starwind Boats only- Equipment - Design - Additions - Problems) Join Remove
They are Unmoderated (not Pre-Read).

To Post to the Respective List Use these Addresses
Spindrift Boats
Starwind Boats
You need to add the Address to your Address Book

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